LaTeX expressions in Akregator


I subscribe to several blogs on mathematics, which use LaTeX to render the mathematical expressions. I would love to use Akregator to get those feeds, but I cannot figure out how to enable it to display the LaTeX expressions correctly.

For example, the first equation on this siteappears in Akregator as follows:

$$ P_n(x) = \prod_{k=1}^{n} (x-k) $$

Please help. I believe it would require a plugin and have searched on the internet but have not found one. I am using openSUSE 12.3, 64-bit, KDE 4.10.

Thank you!

When I see such articles in akregator, I just middle click the title to show them in the browser. That seems to work with konqueror, rekonq, chromium, firefox and seamonkey as browser. I didn’t find a configuration option to show them directly in akregator.

On a recheck - they actually do show in an akregator browse tab, but not it the main display window where there is only minimal formatting.

I’m using opensuse 12.3. To see the proper rendition in firefox, I had to tell “noscript” to allow scripting from “”. That’s probably also required for seamonkey with “noscript”, but I only tested that without “noscript”.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, indeed. Opening the page in a new tab within Akregator does display the equations correctly, though it spends a few seconds typesetting the math. In fact, the time spent doing this in an Akregator tab is identical to that spent by Firefox typesetting math.

I wonder if there is any way for Akregator to display the equations directly within the feed entry, similar to the way I can send equations in chat in Kopete.

I don’t know the answer to that, but I am guessing that you cannot. The equation expanding seems to be done by javascript, and akregator seems to use at most a limited javascript implementation in its main window. When you expand the page in a tabl I think it is using some of the library support for konqueror.