Latest version of firefox (61)


I’ve got a question. I use Leap 15.0 and I want to use the most recent version of Firefox (61), because I want some functions that Firefox 60 ESR doesn’t have. Now my question is: how can I add the firefox respository in leap 15? According to that is possible.

I Thank you for your answer!

You can use the “One click install file”, for instance this one
which will ask you to add the relevant Mozilla repository and install the package. Remaining subscribed to that repository you will be prompted for updates when needed.

Feel free to ask if you need more help.

 # zypper ar -f ""  "Mozilla--Leap-15.0"

Then use YaST to select and install the version of MozillaFirefox that you want.

eng-int’s suggestion should work but here’s how I do it
I add the mozilla repo with the repo file (don’t do this if you followed eng-int’s suggestion as you’ll endup with two mozilla repo’s

zypper ar -f

then the best thing would be to do a full vendor change to the mozilla repo but this would replace Tbird and SeaMonkey to the mozilla repo builds too so I don’t suggest it
to get the Firefox 61 build you need to tell zypper to install the latest version and that is generaly done by including the version number in the zypper install command

zypper in -f MozillaFirefox-61.0.1

or you can use the versions tab in yast

Thank you for your answers!!!