Latest updates (many!!!) changed desktop

HP Pavilion dv5035nr Radeon Xpress 200M, 1.5GB RAM
System Commander with XP MCE, openSUSE 11, Kubuntu 8.04

Sequence of events:
openSUSE updater surprised the hell out of me and said there were updates. There were 3, one of which was Compwiz. So I installed them. Not believing that was it since Kubuntu tells me there are updates quite often, I ran “zypper ref” and “zypper dup” and oh yeah, there are updates.

Zypper tells me there are problems, though, with some games (kmine, ksudoku and some others) where I could either undo or change a screen full of other items or just not install and then uninstall whatever was prompting regarding those games. So I said sure, first don’t install then during the second round of dependency checking, uninstall the games.

Once that was out of the way, 190MB of updates started.

While the updating occurred in a terminal window, I tried to do something (what it was I forget but it was innocent, like clicking around the menu to try to find things since I can’t edit the menu (I’m on my third install attempt) because that causes serious issues), anyway, then plasma crashes. Hard. Leaving only blackness around the terminal window in which the updates are chugging along.

Once updating finished, I typed “quit” and closed the terminal window and was left with a black screen and a cursor. So I held down the power button and then booted back in.

To a blue desktop with curlycues and a black cursor!

Anyone have any idea what happened? The menu also changed somewhat with things moved around and the hierarchy messed with. The obvious answer is the theme or something was altered but I am hoping I could get a definitive answer.

And while I’ve got you here, anyone got any idea why updates so rarely show up? I’m spoiled by Kubuntu’s method of alerting me to updates. Is running zypper dup manually my only choice or is there someway to configure updates to notify me?

UPDATE: (ha, get it? update. anyway)
Serves me right for posting before doing at least a few more minutes of searching. I right-clicked the updater icon and selected “Show available upgrades when backend provides them (for experts only)”. Experts only?!?! Isn’t trying to find updates manually the more expert thing to do? Why is this method considered for experts?