Latest updates have hosed my installation.


I’m running a pretty much vanilla 12.2 installation with a KDE desktop (it was a 12.1 install to begin with). Debug info for most packages are installed so I can post crash reports if I need to. This morning I noticed an update was available so I applied it, it only updated 1 file/package as I recall, might have been kde-login or something. Needed a reboot, so I rebooted. Next I notice more updates are available, this time 44 packages got updated. These seem to be kde related, themes and the like. Now after a reboot, I get the green OpenSuSE screen which just sits there forever. Pressing the Escape key brings up the boot messages and I’ve noticed the following:

Failed to start Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD
Failed to start Login Server
Failed to start System Services Security Daemon
Failed to start NetworkManager
Failed to start LSB: SuSEfirewall2 Phase 1
Failed to start LSB: SUSE Meta PPP daemon

Now I cannot login, Ctrl+Alt+F1 does nothing. I’m at a loss. Will try a ‘safe’ mode boot to see if that makes any difference and will edit this post with the results. Luckily this is a dual boot with Win 7, but I prefer using OpenSuSE and want my Geeko back!


Too late to edit my post, but basically I booted into Failsafe mode, which worked. Then I booted into normal mode and everything was back to greeny goodness! Hurrah!!
Having the OpenSuSE login screen is a bonus after having the bog-standard login screen since I upgraded from 12.1 :wink:


Quick update: Same problem again this morning. I think this has something to do with LDAP. My office has Windows 2008 servers and they’ve set up LDAP. I don’t recall asking for LDAP to be enabled in SuSE. Checking the logs it seems that the LDAP client has started and couldn’t connect to the office LDAP server which stopped the login service from starting. Turning LDAP off, I think, has cured the problem. I’ll only find out next time I do a reboot, and I’ve got work to do before I can investigate more. :slight_smile: