Latest tumbleweed - keyboard settings stuck as American

I have installed the latest tumbleweed (24092015) as a clean install (kde) but the keyboard settings seem stuck as American - the @ key is above the 2 rather than two along from the L. I did select English GB on installation. I have tried a new user and as a test switched the keyboard settings in yast to Spanish but no success. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I don’t know if there’s a better fix but I went into Systemsettings > Input Devices > Keyboard > Hardware and changed the keyboard from generic to Microsoft Office. I then went to Layouts and ticked ‘Configure Layouts’ and added English (UK).
That corrected it for me (but I do have a Microsoft keyboard).

Some keyboard layouts just seem to be broken at the moment.
I can confirm the same with “german” (and not just since this latest snapshot, but since about a month already…), although “german, with deadkeys” works.

Probably related to this bug report:
If I understand it correctly, this needs a systemd update to be fixed (already submitted, but not accepted to Factory yet because of problems).

As a workaround, you could try setting the keyboard layout in KDE’s settings, this should work (but won’t help for the login screen).

Just adding English (or whatever) should work, there’s no need to set it to Microsoft.

The problem is that the mapping between YaST’s keyboard layouts and the installed Xorg ones is broken I think (YaST needs this because it also sets the keyboard for text mode).
As KDE uses the Xorg layouts directly, setting it there still works.

That didn’t work for me. That’s why I changed the keyboard model as well.

Maybe, but that’s a different problem.

The thing is, at the moment “English (GB)” doesn’t work at all in Tumbleweed if you set it in YaST (just like “German”).

Thanks Gentlemen. Funny enough I am using a ms keyboard.

Yeah, me too.
Although, funny enough, it identifies itself as being from LITEON in the Xorg log… :wink:

I think you missed my point. I realise it’s a bug and the normal attempts to fix it didn’t work so I experimented in systemsettings (the sysconfig file didn’t work for me either).
I listed my interim approach in the hope it would help the op.

And you seem to miss mine.
I can exactly reproduce the OP’s problem (with “English (UK)” and with “German” layout), and setting the layout in KDE just works without changing the keyboard model.

If you need to change the keyboard model to fix it, it is a different problem.

Also, IIRC you had this problem months ago already, no?
This one is quite new.

IOW, certain keyboard layouts in YaST are broken at the moment, and that’s unrelated to the keyboard model.

A new bug report has been filed today as well:

I have a different keyboard layout (Qwerty) in the login screen then in Gnome. I’m using Tumbleweed with Gnome, with a Belgian keyboard (Azerty).
How can I fix this?

GDM has its own keyboard layout settings, there should be a login screen section somewhere in gnome-control-center where you can set the keyboard layout too.

But see also this thread:

Thanks, I found it in Gnome Settings – Region & Language – and hit “Login Screen”, there it was still in US.

This problem is fixed in the next tumbleweed release

Yes, I can confirm that.
Also “German” (without deadkeys) works again. :slight_smile: