Latest Snapshot breaks Network Connections

The latest tumbleweed snapshot seems to break my network connections on reboot. Actually, the whole network-connections icon in the taskbar seems to have issues. I rolled my system back to where it was yesterday morning and all works again.

Here is what I was seeing:

  • Upon reboot, the system will NOT ask for my KDE wallet password it typically asks for to access my wifi credentials

  • The system tray icon shows the icon indicating no connection has been made, as opposed to the radial icon

  • Clicking on the icon still lists the networks saved in the system, including hidden networks

  • Clicking the icon and checking the box that typically disables wifi does nothing…it will check the box, but still lists all the saved networks

  • Trying to manually connect to any network lists some error about not being able to connect to the sub-network

  • On a potentially unrelated note, the same snapshot seems to cause errors in powering off my system…rebooting brings me back to the login screen without power cycling, and suspending to ram does not work (it seems to try, but immediately comes out of suspend)…just noting this in case it is relevant.

If there is additional information that might help anyone, for sure let me know and I’d be glad to do whatever.


Apparently, TW got hit with a faulty PAM module that probably affects you (A similar post re network connections is in the Virtualization forum).

See this which also contains the likely fix


The solution on the link did the trick!

This is what I love about openSUSE…when something like this happens, it is likely a test will be created to prevent a similar problem in the future. Definitely yields the best experience in a rolling release.

Thanks for the help!