latest radeonhd driver from x11 repo


My laptop contains an ATI mobility radeon X1300. Since the opensuse 11.2 release i’ve been forced to used open source drivers.
Performance of radeon driver is acceptable but not enough to play my favourite game. The only driver that was performance-wise good enough was the fglrx, but that not an option anymore since my card is legacy.
The radeonhd driver didn’t work formerly. Today, i’ve updated some components (mesa, libxcb, server, driver video, driver input and driver video radeonhd) from the Xorg 11.2 repo wich enables the radeonhd driver for me without xorg.conf.
The only problem is… the screen is very, very dark. Only the mouse pointer is crystal clear white.
I get a serious performance boost though. With glxgears, the radeon driver gives me an average of 620 FPS where the radenhd driver gives me 1240 FPS. The system is way more smoother in drawing and dragging windows.

can something be done about this or do i just have to wait for further development in the radeonhd driver.

I’m back on radeon driver for now since the dark screen doesn’t satisfy me clearly.

I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this behaviour before. All i could find was black screen wich in this case isn’t the problem. The screen is readable but way to dark to work decent.

You could write a bug report on openSUSE-11.2 on this (I assume you are using 11.2) and perhaps the reply to that bug report will provide some insight into how such development is being handled: Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE To get the most out of the bug report, you should provide in the bug report the exact versions of the drivers you are using … such as output of:

rpm -qa '*driver*'
rpm -qa '*Mesa*'

and list the exact URL where you obtained those rpms.

Note, those who will read the bug report typically will refuse to read a forum thread, so the bug report needs to stand on its own without referring to a forum thread.