Latest OpenSuse with Gnome 3


I am considering migrating from Ubuntu due to their 11.04 update, which i just can’t reconcile with. I am wondering a few things though, that i would like to know before the actual migration.

  1. When i install the latest OpenSuse, which i downloaded as a Gnome Live (.iso) that i will unpack on USB stick - will it install with Gnome 3 or how would i go about updating it the proper way in OpenSuse?

  2. How often updated is OpenSuse? One of the perks with Ubuntu is the frequent updates that are released. Will i benefit from a similar level of updates to my OpenSuse Linux if installing it?

  1. openSUSE 11.4 does not have gnome 3. Updating is possible, but I wouldn’t advise it unless you plan to be part of the dev bug reporting

  2. openSUSE is updated regularly. We also have something called Factory-Tested and Tumbleweed, which offer rolling release status

sounds promising. I already tried to give it a go, though apparently it can’t find a Kernel. Gfx related.

If you want help with your problem you need to be a little less conservative with your description.