Latest openSUSE 12.2 Milestone 2 kernel 3.3.0-rc6-1-desktop breaks Gnoem 3

updated zypper dup) to the latestg desktop kernel and it broke Gnome 3 forcing Gnome fallback mode. Revert to earlier version (same number ) using GRUB2 previous linux versions restores Gnome 3 desktop. Anybody else see this??

I’m assuming this is 64 bit, since the desktop kernel doesn’t seem to exist for 32 bit.

On a system with the nouveau driver, I did get the full Gnome. The screen is only semi-readable, but that also happened with 12.1

On a 32 bit system with Intel graphics, but using “nomodeset” (the intel driver is broken for 12.2 M2), I seem to recall that I got full Gnome, though I switched to fallback.

On a 32 bit system with ATI graphics, I get fallback mode. With 12.1, I got full mode but it was unusable (I had to force fallback in a command prompt).