Latest Nvidia drivers broken (340.32_k3.11.6_4-30.1)

Not read the previous posts, so apologies if I have the ‘wrong end of the stick’ :X

Just updated to 340.32 from the nivida repo with no problem.

One thing I noticed:


not 30.1 as in caf4926’s ‘zypper up’ … maybe caught the repo when not all files were present?

Not quite.
There was indeed a problem with the 30.1 packages (as mentioned in the thread’s subject), as they installed nvidia’s to the wrong directory (because of a change in Factory) so it couldn’t be loaded, and OpenGL/GLX was not working).
This has been fixed in the 31.1 packages that have been uploaded to the repo on Sunday.

See also the (already mentioned) bug reports:

zypper clean
zypper ref

and I’m good