Latest kernel update breaks drive decryption (5.14.21-150400.24.49)

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I have just installed the latest kernel update on Leap 15.4, which I have installed on my laptop. I noticed that grub was also part of the same update.

This laptop has four portions on the drive, all either xfs, swap or btrfs. All four portions are encrypted.

After I reboot, I got the grub password prompt, entered it, selected the Leap 15.4 boot option, and got initramfs, but it doesn’t prompt me again for the password, just hangs there.

Booting from the previous kernel snapshot (5.14.21-150400.24.46-default) works just fine.

Is anyone else having a similar problem?

I had a similar issue with my Tumbleweed machine, (not encrypted), a while ago. Bad kernel update. I just waited for the next kernel update, and everything went back to normal.

Just thought I should report this so that it would be fixed.

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It’s a bad kernel update, with problems for some systems with Intel graphics.

See this thread

Thank you nricket!

It’s probably worth mentioning here that my laptop has an nVidia card. (Although there is also an onboard Intel card.)

I can also confirm that yesterday’s kernel update is not working for my.
Stops immediately at the beginning of the boot process

Same here, luks encrypted filesystems, and a single core i7 intel graphics.
My system is a old i7 3770 and i do not have any other graphics cards if that is the problem.
I boot and the system simply freezes … no access to hard drives and the prompt of the password does not even show up.

keyb_user1, is there any way you can make a boot stick? You might be able to use rescue mode to roll back the update, as outlined in the thread linked in the first response to my post, above.

You should be able to boot the previous kernel. On the grub boot menu, use the “Advanced …” line and select boot with previous kernel (probably end in .46).

I am writing this and my other post about this with the previous kernel of course. I did that as soon as I failed the new kernel. Tried a couple more times the new kernel with different boot parameters to no avail.
In bugzilla there seems to be a solution for the problem, will there be a new kernel upgrade to handle this bug. I ask this because the upgrade from .46 to .49 had some security bugs covered.
It would be great to have a patch in order to be able to use the new kernel.

There should be a replacement kernel within a few days.

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Why do you believe that the kernel development stops here and no new kernel will be applied?
…It is normal that if a bug is discovered it need some time to apply a fix and a new package version will be deployed…

Also broadcom wifi proprietary drivers do not work after this kernel update.
Rebooting with the previous 5.14.21-150400.24.46-default solves this problem.