latest kernel 26.29.1 in opensuse

Can I install the latest kernel 26.29.1 in opensuse 11.1 and is there any thing new in 26.29.1

Yes and yes.

Please could you tell me how to update kernel 26.29.1.
I really appreciate:)


Is there a good reason why you want to update?

Using a non-supported kernel (and 2.6.29 will never be supported for 11.1) is never a good idea unless you exactly know what you are doing.

And by asking the above question I very much doubt that you do.

You want to try out a new kernel version for one or more of the following reasons:

(1) You have a new hardware that is not supported in the existing kernel but supported in the new kernel.
(2) A bug that is found in the existing kernel is fixed in the new version.
(3) You want to install some new software that requires a later version of the kernel.
(4) You just want to install it to learn how to do it.

I think, in your case, it must be (4).

You need to download the source, compile and install it. It will be good if you have a spare (test) machine to try out everything. The procedure is a bit lengthy. There are thousands of HOW-TOs available to help you. Just google for it - “Linux Kernel Compile”.

Consider yourself lucky that you cannot install the kernels from the HEAD repo. At this moment (version 62) you don’t have a splash screen, no console. I always keep a copy of all kernel-packages of a working kernel, saved me a hundred times.
Again I’d like to state that it’s definitely a big risk you’re taking, if you’re installing newer kernels and do not know what you’re doing.

Well if you don`t tell me,there is other way to find outrotfl!,there is the hard way;)