Latest KDE4.2 updates broke google gadgets

Just in case anyone is interested, the latest updates to KDE 4.2, which included updated google-gadgets packages, seems to have broken google-gadgets.

All I get are black boxes :(.

I haven’t done that update yet. Will do in the morning.

I’ll come back then.

Agreed. It’s busted. But I don’t use it.

All fixed with today’s updates, but I had to edit my .rc files and delete some of the plasmoids that had somehow been remembered.

I really wish I could remove non-existent plasmoids from the “Add plasmoid” tool though, I now have 3 copies of the Google weather globe and only one is the working one.

beware of kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE* package. Uninstall it if you have it, and if some program that you wish to install use it as a dependency, think twice if you need or want the program.

This package break factory’s KDE 4.2, forcing you to delete plasmarc and in some cases entire .kde4 directory.

So, advice: if you use factory KDE4, forget about package mentioned above.

Anyways, for google, you need kdebase4-google-SOMETHING package which was crushed with the 1st factory update.


What does that branding package do exactly?

Maybe that is the one responsible for always changing the KDE4 menu logo to the suse Gecko, something that was previously annoying me!

Not that I have anything against the Gecko, I just wanted to have the KDE4 logo button as it goes better with my current theme.

I did a dummy run of uninstalling the branding, and it wanted to install branding-upstream instead.

Anyone know what changes it will make to my desktop before I go ahead and do it?

As I see, it places gecko on button and do some other unknown visual stuff, usually breaking KDE, if you use from factory, updating it frequently.
So, if you do not use stable and update it frequently, taboo branding package.

i have only a glimmer of all the branding package does… but that folderview opensuse intro thing is part of it along with the kmenu/start button… i replaced the start icon by changing the /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/places/start-here-branding.svg file … to another icon of opensuse that i converted from a png, and kept the other opensuse familiarity things.

Thanks for that info, I’m removing it right now ;).

That will save me lots of work changing the icon yet again!

be aware that the icon will not update to the new svg file immediately, on my machine i noticed that it is not refreshed until during the process of using yast2 to update it goes thru the various config file refreshes.

this can probably be done with one cli command but i haven’t determined which one. also, be aware that everytime oxygen icon theme is updated your new icon will be overwritten.