Latest Intel Graphics Driver

I have been trying to get CIV4 to work on my new Asus notebook. It works on my desktop, but will not load a game on the notebook. Since I installed it the same way I did on my desktop using Wine I can only suspect this is due to a hardware issue. I can get the game to start up and show the opening menus where you start a game, but the dialog boxes are not right.

Using SuSE 12.1 on both machines. The notebook has a B950 dual core Intel proc with built in Intel graphics proc. The current driver appears to be Xorg-X11. How can I get the latest Intel drivers for this gpu, and does Intel have proprietary drivers like Nvidia. I do need the proprietary Nvidia drivers to get this to work.

Intel drivers are part of the kernel
No downloading necessary
What you have is what you get

I doubt it’s going to work on the Laptop, especially if as you say: It requires the nvidia driver in your other setup

drm-radeon-kmp-{flavor}, libllvm, libdrm, Mesa, xorg-x11-driver-video from home:jobermayr.

For Nvidia only system just take drm-nouveau-kmp-{flavor} instead of drm-radeon-kmp-{flavor}.

Don’t ask what “radeon” has to do with Intel. Take it as it is …