Latest dracut in Factory isn't working right

This is what I get when I install ucode-amd:

(1/1) Installing: ucode-amd-20130714git-80.1 …[done]
Additional rpm output:
Creating: target|kernel|dracut args

Unknown arguments: 3.14.0-rc7-1.g56ad46a-desktop

Usage: /usr/bin/dracut [OPTION]… <initramfs> <kernel-version>]]

Version: 036-5.1

Creates initial ramdisk images for preloading modules

-h, --help Display all options

If a
[LIST] has multiple arguments, then you have to put these in quotes.

For example:

# dracut --add-drivers "module1 module2"  ...

When I updated this my I no longer have sound or video acceleration (vdpau).

You really need to subscribe to (and read) factory mailing list if you are using factory.