latest alsadrivers with Xfi support

Hello all

downloaded the latest drivers from the alsa site
compiled them and installed them

There is a Xfi driver.

Alsaconf would not detect the pcie XFI card

lspci see the card

So will 11.2 see this card and configure the sound driver

11.2 is supposed to have Xfi support built in, as it has the latest 1.0.21 driver built in the kernel.

I believe though, you should have obtained some sort of Xfi functionality out of the alsa drivers you downloaded and installed (if they were built correctly, and if you installed all the associated alsa apps with it, and did not pick and chose without ample understanding).

IMHO (and its too late now) a better approach for you to have taken, as opposed to downloading and custom compiling, would have been to go to this URL Alsa-update - openSUSE and follow the guidance there and install rpms to update to the latest alsa. Why ? Because those rpms are built by an openSUSE packager who is also an alsa developer, and if you install those, and then write a bug report on openSUSE, you will have an alsa developer respond to your bug report. THAT is one of the “perks” we have on openSUSE, having an alsa developer help us with our sound.

From what I have seen, they are very keen on getting bug reports on Xfi so that they can improve the driver (which is relatively new for Linux).

If you decide to install those rpms, here is guidance for bug reports:
Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE

They will likely ask you to run the script with the --no-upload option (which places the diagnostic output under /tmp/alsa-info.txt and then include that text file as an attachment to the bug report).

The command for the script is:

and with the --no-upload option it is:
/usr/sbin/ --no-upload

The alsa rpms were no relief for me as i have a different kernel Linux linux-ssd 2.6.29-25-default #1 SMP 2009-03-24 15:38:18 +0100 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

After looking in the bios sound section i dissabled onboard sound.

Now alsaconf is detecting pcie-XFI
the driver is loaded and i have some sort off sound

The mixer is going crazy so i have to see in that to
think uninstall mixer and install again with the snd-ctxfi driver running and set the volume in Yast

More is following.

Good luck in trying to sort this.

Don’t forget you can use the diagnostic script:
to get more information. It does come with the latest alsa version (since 1.0.17 of alsa).

… another useful command is to look for boot errors when alsa is first loaded. One way to find that is to look at dmesg for “alsa”, “snd”, “hda” which can often provide information. Possibly instead of “hda” it will be “Xfi” or “XFi” or “XFI” ? If you type:
dmesg > dmesg.txtyou can open dmesg.txt with a text editor and look at its contents (searching for the ascii sequences I suggested). I recommend that be checked immediately after an openSUSE boot.

What SuSE version are you using, to have a kernel ? (or did you custom compile) ?

The drivers and alsalib and alsa tools are installed latest version from alsi site. Still no luck with XFi

I use Opensuse 11.1 with al the upgrades all and everything is RED when i am in yast update

So for me its 11.2 without the 2.6.3x kernel wich wont run on this system is from download opene home XXXX
dont remenber, there was this kernel with all what was needed to install all rpms

so i used it in 11.0 and 11.1 and will use it in 11.2
this system runs raid0 etx3 2 x 64GB SSD and that is not supported in 2.6.3x

i tryed the 2.6.30 kernel did not even boot.
So opensuse life ended for me with