Last KDE 4.6.5 update kills desktop


today, I installed the new suggested OpenSuse 11.4 updates and also the last KDE 4.6.5 updates from the Index of /repositories/KDE:/Release:/46/openSUSE_11.4 repository.

The result: after restart and KDE relogin I ended up with a black screen. Only two windows (firefox and dolphin) were remaining on the black desktop. I was able to switch betwen these both windows but not able to open new ones (e.g. with Alt-F2).

After login with IceWM, I switched off the composite manager and made a relogin to KDE. Now KDE runs, but of course without any desktop effects. When I switch on the desktop effect I can directly have a look on a black desktop :-(.



I just found a thread showing the same problems for KDE 4.7. :
KDE 4.7.1 Update Issues

It’s not only a 4.7 issue. Now, it’s also a 4.6 issue.
Also for KDE 4.6 I was able to solve the problem with the libqt4 files from following repository:
Index of /repositories/home:/namtrac:/branches:/KDE:/Qt/openSUSE_11.4


I also ran into this, and used the other workaround in that thread - disabled KDE desktop effects from an iceWM session.

OK now, minus effects.

Today’s update brought in some qtlibs and that solved the problem for me. Although I did have an odd problem where yesterday’s update got rid of my nvidia driver. I just put it back.

ICE not needed. Just hit Shift-ALT-F12 to disable effects.

On Mon, 12 Sep 2011 11:46:02 GMT gminnerup wrote:

> ICE not needed. Just hit Shift-ALT-F12 to disable effects.

Okay, the whole time i see only the messages about 4.7.1 and oversee
that this could be a problem with 4.6.5 too.

So here only for the stats: I don’t recognize this problem, but since
longer time i use this

cat ~/.kde4/env/


Perhaps this could be an option too.

iceWM needed (well, somewhat) to read the thread that has the workarounds ;).

It’s nice to have a fallback when I (as opposed to the repos) really screw up the DE on my test machine…