Last (huge) update - 20220221 and nvidia

I see the last 2 updates are huge (more than 2.000 packages) and there is a new kernel coming (5.16.10).
And so, before making a dup I’d like to know whether some users have encountered problems with the nvidia drivers.

I believe it’s still an issue if the primary graphics is nvidia… See

The glibc update… I would suggest the simpledrm fix as quoted in various forum threads, or stick with the current kernel when you boot if not working with the 5.16.10 kernel.I have AMD as my primary, nvidia is secondary so not an issue to date.

So, if I understand it, with an Optimus (Intel/nvidia), it should not cause any problem (?)

There is an update to the ML thread, all should be good now.

Yes, just made a dup and everything is OK