Last ditch call / effort to keep Bumblebee alive


I am not sure if you are aware but Bumblebee is set to be officially dropped from repos in favour of Prime:

I tried to send in some objections but I am getting a 502 bad gateway at login.

Bumblebee is still relevant and Prime is an inadequate replacement for bumblebee in 90% of use cases for graphical computation and multi-monitor setups for dual graphics laptops.

I think most users on dual graphics laptops just use Nouveau.

This is a last ditch call or effort for other people who would like to keep Bumblebee alive. I unfortunately cannot commit to be its official maintainer due to my current job requirements.

Can someone please leave a comment on on my behalf to state that Prime does NOT Superseeds or can replace bumblebee? If anyone steps up to be the new maintainer. I would be very happy as well.

You might need to email Lubos directly. I get either no response, or bad gateway, trying to login, using either SeaMonkey or Chromium in 15.5. Maybe send email to or visit #opensuse-admin on IRC about the bad gateway.

Hi, no issues here logging into code.o.o… but I have an account activated as there was a lot of spam recently and they removed users and blocked account creation…

It does not need objections, it needs maintainer.

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