Last 65,- Eur0 spent on Novell OpenSuSE

Today I bought OpenSuSE 11 and Installed it and I’m quite pleased with seeing that the Novell Yankees can only screw up fine German quality again.

I loved SuSE under German flag and had good hopes when Novell took over, but Novell only seems to be interested in outlook and not quality go go USA.

Since SuSE 11 I have never seen such poor quality being released in the Linux world. To me this seems the worst downfall ever in Linux land.

Mouse problems, graphics card problems, none responsive system. Crap! Wastebin!

Linus Torvalds already had hardware raid support removed from the Linux kernel in return for some money offered by the big unix manufacturers in the world, setting back Linux to childsplay status.

Recently EVMS (professional Linux storage management system) was discontinued by Novell SuSE.

Adding it all up (10 years of linux for me) ends here today, just like I did with Microsoft 9 years ago!

Novell SuSE from now on ends up next to all other Microsoft dirt in the trashcan.

This was the last 65,- Euro’s spent on SuSE Linux!

Bye bye Novell SuSE Linux…
Hello BSD…

Kind regards,

Ron de Jong
The Netherlands