large Micro SD file system [exfat]

I have a 512GB micro sdxc, the only file system that mounts is exfat, I can format the sdxc with ext4,f2fs but am unable to mount the sd. I would like to try and use the more normal linux file systems as I want to store my music on the sdxc and use amarok to play the albums; However it displays the later albums( I presume ,stored, on high numbered sectors) has having zero run time. Dolphin does show the correct size file for each track but not the tags for artist,genre etc. In googling I have learned as NTFS & exfat are microsoft they do not store permissions and I presume tags, so linux fakes them.

Thanks in advance for your advice/pointers.
Chris Fudge

I use one too but have it using exfat
My advice would be to use it that way too

I see info such as this in Dolphin

IMHO right now exFAT is an ordinary Linux FS.
You can install its 2 packets from the Main openSUSE repository.

I am not sure what you exactly mean with “ordinary Linux FS”.

I do not think it suports file ownership by UID/GUID and permission bits.
I did not dive into other POSIX requirements, but when these are missing, it is certainly not what I would call an “ordinary Linux FS”.

Ok, “FS that is usable with Linux”.

IMHO f2fs may be better for using with Linux. Maybe not right now, but in the future.

IMHO all those non-Linux file systems, that are supported by Linux as good as it can do it, are only to be used for direct exchange of data between Linux and non-Linux operrating system. Never for usage as a native Linux file system.

There is a chance that if ext4 fails, ext2 might succeed; it doesn’t have some of the advanced features of ext4 but is a “native” Linux fs.
There is also a chance that Linux doesn’t like some data that might be written in the first magabyte or so in the sdxc and that zeroing that data might allow formatting as ext4 (search the net and evaluate the risks, didn’t try that myself).

Thanks for your reply, I have come to the conclusion I have been scammed, I can only use 16GB of the 512GB sdxc. Dolphin displays all the files I have copied to the sd (168GB) however I can only play those in the first 16GB and copy them back to the harddrive. Since purchase I have found others on-line who have had similar experiences.
Chris Fudge

Yes, you are not alone. Those are likely units that failed testing but were sold anyway by some waste collector. The partition table is in the first few kilobytes so Dolphin can list them all, but memory cells beyond 16 GB cannot hold their data.
Still a bargain if you paid less than a few Pounds, but I would not store vital data even in those 16 GB :\

I have seen these fake storage before
I only use mymemory now
Just bought a twin pack of 128GB for a customer for £27

Many, many thanks!!!

I’ve been suffering because, my Sigma sd Quattro camera can use SDXC cards, I bought one (64 GB) in addition to a couple of of 32 GB SDHC cards and, haven’t really been able to use it – up until now …

  • Installed “fuse-exfat” and “exfat-utils” from the Leap 15.1 main repository and, BINGO!!!

Many many thanks for the hint – I missed the introduction of this capability – there’s nothing in the Release Notes and no mention of it in the mailing lists – quietly slipped in but, nice …