Large amount of problems

I’m hoping someone can help me out here…

  • Cannot configure my Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. What’s odd is that all the special keys on the MS WL Keyboard work fine, but not on the mouse. I can’t use the forward or back side buttons, and nor can I do horizontal scrolling. I’m tired of messing around with X11 files. Every time I do, something breaks.
  • KMix is AWFUL for my audio card. With my audio card, DAC is left and DAC 2 is right. I can’t link either together in KMix, which makes volume changing take a lot longer than it should, not to mention it renders the volume-adjustment keys on my keyboard useless. Multi Track Volume does nothing for some reason. I was going to see if I could switch to the PulseAudio volume control mixer, but changing anything in it has no effect on the volume.
  • Can’t adjust login screen for some reason. I’ve changed it, but the actual changes never appeared - it’s the same old default SUSE login screen. Also for some reason, the root user is now also listed in the available users. I can’t even figure out how to get back into the settings for this now.
  • After changing my user image, I can no loner change it. I just get the error “Your administrator has disallowed changing your image”?!
  • I very clearly specified the hostname during setup to be Caesium
  • however, for some unknown reason, SUSE decided to use the hostname Beryllium instead. My only guess is that it somehow picked it up from my windows install…???

bangs head on wall

Did you run the installer from within windows?

Nein, I ran it from the DVD.

Edit: I forgot to mention another problem. It’s minor, but a glitchy screen appears for a few seconds every time right after I log in. It changes every time.

Mighty strange. I can’t see it picking info up like that from Windows. Something like a partition Label it might.

I’ve never had any partitions on this system ever labeled as Caesium or Beryllium. They’ve always been generic names (i.e. “Win7,” “Storage,” “SUSE,” etc.)