laptopo shut download automatically in leap 15.1 installation


I am trying to install leap 15.1 installation in Dell XPS15 laptop (2019) . Everything went well until I obtained the following information, and the laptop shutdown automatically:

Loading basic drivers... OK
Starting hardware detection .... OK
(If a driver is not working for you, try booting....)

Intel 82001 Mobile SATA Controller [RAID mode]
  drivers: ahci*
Activating usb devices....

All of a sudden, the computer shut down automatically.

I am just wondering how to solve the problem?

thanks a lot


Seems it’s the norm these days for the BIOS to be set to RAID, can you reconfigure for AHCI instead and try the install again (hopefully not dual boot)?

Looks like this thread describes a similar problem.
Maybe you have to switch in UEFI firmware from the RAID mode, but beware since that may trash your Windows installation if any.

Oh, I see.
Actually I got a Windows OS in this laptop as well. If I do this, may I still keep my Windows OS as well after the installation?

thanks a lot

In the already referenced thread I read:

Check the SATA controlers settings in UEFI. It should be in AHCI mode , not in RAID mode. However just changing that setting will kill your Windows installation on that disk. Look for instructions how to uninstall Intel RST driver on Windows if you want to save that Windows installation.

There might be workarounds, but they might not be trivial…

I have switched into ACHI mode from RAID mode. However, I still have the same problem. SUSE still turn off my laptop during the installations.

any more ideas? thanks a lot

There are reports of the nouveau driver leading to a kernel panic. Try if booting with the “nomodeset” boot option lets you complete the installation.
Also, please use the full DVD to install since you may have problems setting up WiFi and a network install might not complete.
(Sorry I’m sort of shooting in the dark, never had my hands on a system like that).

thanks a lot for your suggestions.
Now I have installed leap 15.1 in my Dell XPS 15 successfully, after I add option “nomodeset” in the boot menu. However, I noticed that, if I keep this option, my laptop cannot be recognized by external screen. Moreover, I cannot install NVIDIA driver, it always complained that my kernel wasn’t be configured properly.

If I remove the option “nomodeset” from boot menu, I cannot login into account. It always pop up login menu again and again.

Does anybody have more suggestions?

thanks a lot

If the problem is with the nouveau driver you may try this boot option:


If your integrated graphics is too new, the following might also work: