Laptop Won't Reboot

I run the kde desktop of tumbleweed btw; I seem to have a problem with my hp laptop not rebooting when I click the reboot button, when I do, it reboots to the hp logo, the “Press ESC to pause startup”, and just hangs there

here’s a spec file I saved using the hardware info panel in yast, if it will help

That site asks for a login of some kind. Better use

I just opened the link, and im not logged into dropbox; to download it, just either click the download button, or click the arrow next to it, click on direct download, and if it asks you for login details, just click on “no thanks, take me to the download”. Just to make sure, can I please get a screenshot of what you saw hcvv, so I can clear everything up?

and at this post, i tried 2 times to copy/paste the text of the hardware info file into the suse paste, left the language as text, put a title and author in, set the time till it deletes itself to 1 year, set it to private, and it keeps giving me a 404 not found error