Laptop Won't Boot/Wake Up after Sleep/PowerOff


My gf’s laptop is a ~5 year old Toshiba. It works like a charm since i buldozed Windows with openSUSE, but there’s only one issue - whenever she closes the lid on the laptop, it doesn’t want to wake from sleep (or at least the screen doesn’t want to wake, the lights are flickering, so the computer must be doing something, it’s not totally unresponsive). The same happens when she regularly powers off her computer, and then tries to turn it on later - the screen is black. In both cases she has to kill it manually by holding the power button, and then on power on, it works normally again.

Is this a common issue I can easily troubleshoot, and if not - what can I do in terms od diagnostics to see what’s wrong? If there’s a step by step wiki for it, i’d be most grateful.


Forgot to add:

Toshiba Satellite c660-115
3,072 (2,048 + 1,024) MB, DDR3 RAM (800 MHz)
Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M
Intel Pentium T4500

Anyone? It’s quite an annoying issue.