Laptop with Intel 965GM Chipset does not suspend.

Hi guys,

I have a laptop with Intel 965GM Chipset. Most of things I need work fine with openSUSE 11.1, but unfortunately, this laptop does not suspend for RAM nor disk.

I have tried every thing on the s2ram page, Suspend to RAM - openSUSE, but none worked for me. When I try s2ram -f (more all possible combinations, -a 1,2,3, -s, -m, -p, -v) the system just stops working in the text mode with some informations about the system boot. The only thing that seems to work is the caps look (according to s2ram page, this seems happen when there are video driver problems, but I cannot realize how to fix up this). It worthwhile to write that my laptop is not in the white list of s2ram. s2ram gives me:

Machine is unknown.
This machine can be identified by:
    sys_vendor   = "Semp Toshiba"
    sys_product  = "IS-1454"
    sys_version  = "Not Applicable"
    bios_version = "s3D18                         "
See for details.

If you report a problem, please include the complete output above.
If you report success, please make sure you tested it from both X and
the text console and preferably without proprietary drivers.

For s2disk, s2disk -f /var/lib/s2disk.conf does not work, the system seems that is going to suspend, but it stops working on the suspending screen and I have to push power on/off button for a few seconds to turn the laptop off.
cat /var/lib/s2disk.conf gives:

resume device = /dev/sda1
image size = 1863383040
# parameters taken from /etc/suspend.conf:

Maybe I have to post this problem in bugzilla site, but I would like try here before doing so to see if someone has already solved these problems.

Any help will be wellcome!