laptop with extended CRT screen problem

Hi there,

I managed to install OpenSuse11 on my laptop…it was a bit of a problem as my LCD is not working and I am using a CRT for my screen, but in the end it worked out using the install DVD.
Now I can enjoy a really nice OS…Sweet! :slight_smile:

There is a problem I still have though and I hope you can help me out.

I boot into OpenSuse using the failsafe option. That is the only way in which I can switch to the CRT, using FN+F8. If I boot without failsafe I cannot switch to CRT. It just doesn’t respond to FN+F8.

My question are:

  1. what is the difference in failsafe and normal mode, what am I missing out on (besides the kwin effects)?
  2. what steps do I need to do to boot in normal mode while still being able to switch to my CRT?

Another thing, did anyone get their webcam to work with Kopete? I am using the current version of KDE4.1 that is in the repos… Just wondering if it should work.

Anyway, thanks for your help and have a good weekend!


Failsafe is let keep easy the maintenance mode.
Being in the failsafe mode and CRT connected
login as root.
In case you did not know it
Su enter
password enter
Start yast2>hardware>Graphic cart and monitor
It probe you,re CRT monitor and graphic card.
If it come something use full save it
Then startx it will start the Xserver
CRT and LCD monitor has a totall different spec


Thanks for your reply dobby.
First, my failsafe mode takes me straight into kde4.1… from your answer I assume that you thougth I would end up in a konsole session… So I can start yast from the menu…
I tried to switch to a CRT. When it tries, it fails to actually show anything on my crt…

How could I make sax to write the configuration for 2 monitors to my xorg.conf? One for my LCD and one for my CRT. Because that is how Mandriva did it by itself and that worked like a charm!
Now there is only the config for the LCD…

I am kinda new to Opensuse so I dont know my way around sax that well. Dont know if I can/should edit the config files manually. They all screem not to… guess that is for a reason :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope someone can help me out.

Have a great weekend