Laptop wireless wont grab network route

Ok, so this is really interesting.

I can connect my laptop via the ethernet cable, and get an IP, Subnet mask, and a route. But if I connect via Wireless, I get an IP and Subnet mask.

More interesting, my Internet Tablet grabs the route via wireless with out issues.

Does anyone have a good way to trouble shoot this?


Let me start by saying I know little about SUSE, being a expatriate from freeBSD. Probably you are not getting a route because one already exists ( for the subnet ) via the wired port.
Try disabling the wired port from Control Console and rebooting. Else you’ll have to manually configure the routes via the terminal.
As root:
#route del -net
#route add -net dev wlan

Or something like that. You0’ll have to puzzle out the exact syntax and address needed.

There should be a rc.d file that does this but obviously, at this point, it’s not working.