Laptop Shuts Down without warning - Windows doesnt

Hi guys

I have a problem. I have a dual boot Leap 15.2 and win10. on Win 10 eveything is fine, while on suse my PC shuts down if a CPU temp goes to 88 degrees, i believe. I have to use Tuxedo control center to set fans to max (as max as that app allows) and underclock CPU from 4.5 i think to 3.5GHz to stop this from happening… Any ideas whats causing it? AGain, I checked, windows at same temp just works fine… I really hate that lol


To add to this… On windows temperature doesnt even get over 83 degrees as fans are more responsive… What can be causing this? any ideas guys?

Laptop model?

custom made. i7-9750H, GTX 1660 Ti, 32GB Ram, 2 500GB SSDs.


sudo dmidecode | grep -A 9 "System Information"

and report back with the output.

I’ll do so later today, I’m at work right now without access to the machine. Thank you for your responses. And patience.

doesnt give you much …

    Manufacturer: PC Specialist LTD
    Product Name: PB50_70RF,RD,RC                 
    Version: Not Applicable                  
    Serial Number: Not Applicable                  
    UUID: f0960000-0000-1000-8000-xxxxxxxxx
    Wake-up Type: Power Switch
    SKU Number: Not Applicable                  
    Family: Not Applicable

This fan control thread may be of interest…

You should try determine if GPU or CPU the cause of the overheating. That might influence other steps that can be taken.

It’s definitely CPU, as on opensuse gets hotter than on windows and GPU stays at 60 degrees. What would you recommend?

See if Malcolm’s advice in the thread I linked to can work for you. It will depend on whether the fan(s) can be controlled as outlined there.

You may add fan controller(s) to your machine - PCB with a chip(s).
For PWM or DC fans.

Not sure how viable that would be for a laptop though.

So to be sure - the problem is not overheating but different reaction to increased temperature? IOW, under Windows CPU temp still goes up to 88 degrees, just under Windows your system continues to work and does not shut down?

With a reasonable installation of Linux I only observed the opposite behavior: Windows would overheat the GPU and subsequently freeze the machine. With Linux system load was much lower. The laptop would work flawlessly.

Sorry should have mentioned that I checked and the.answer

Exactly. Under Windows it doesn’t even get to 87 degrees that often as fans just start working at 100% at around 80 degrees, but with occasional spike to 88, nothing happens.
On suse on the other hand, there is no software that reasonably allows me to control fans and automatically, suse doesn’t burst them to 100% at all so the spikes in temp are more common and avarage temp is higher and once it gets to 88 degrees, boom. Like if you have unplugged it.

GPU is not a problem. Rarely goes beyond 60 degrees. It’s definitely CPU. There are no freezes nor stutters prior to shutdown either.

According to Intel specs this CPU should survive up to 100C before it even starts throttling.

How do you measure temperature under Windows and Linux? It really sounds like temp is much higher so that CPU gets shut down. Do you have any history of CPU temperature measurements under Windows and Linux?

What is output of

cpupower frequency-info
cpupower idle-info

in Linux?

no software that reasonably allows me to control fans and automatically, suse doesn’t burst them to 100%

Fans are normally controlled by platform firmware. It is possible that firmware behaves differently if it does not detect Windows. What is output of

dmesg | grep _OSI

immediately after boot? Even better, upload full dmesg output to

commands run and output can be found here

I am using various tools, as i wasnt initially sure, and they all point to the CPU temp. on linux its tuxedo as mentioned in my original post and gkrellm
on windows i use a “fan control center”, came with the laptop this one, and its easy to use and control fans too.

point of note: cpu is underclocked by tuxedo, as this this frequency at least it doesnt get over 86-87 degrees, so i can actually use it.

To add to this. Yesterday under Windows I have been doing some CPU intensive work. Temp cranked up to 98degrees in spikes and constantly around 92-95. No lag, no nothing. Fans at 100% and everything was fine.

Question now is this. Have I messed up installation of suse and that’s why it doesn’t handle fan control well/read temp correctly or what?