Laptop screen powersaving mode with kaffeine issues


I’ve recently installed opensuse 11/kde 3.5 on my laptop (hp pavilion ze4900). Anyway, sometimes after playing a video with kaffeine (or mplayer for that matter), screen power saving stops working (I mean after having closed kaffeine). The screensaver does work, but the screen doesn’t turn off when it’s supposed to (in my case set to 15 minutes).

I still cannot reproduce the problem deliberately, it doesn’t happen all the time. When it does, just disabling and re-enabling power saving (using kpowersave) again works. The fact that it doesn’t happen consistently is kind of annoying; especially after watching a video at night and waking up the next morning realizing that the screen has been on all night.

Any ideas or suggestions?



Sorry to bump this, but I still can’t figure out a solution to this problem.

As I mentioned, it happens when I use kaffeine, and I must manually uncheck and recheck “enable power management” afterwards to work. Doing an xset -dpms;xset +dpms doesn’t do the trick. When this problem happens xset -q even shows that everything is enabled. I should also mention that the screensaver works, its just the screen poweroff that doesn’t work.

I did have a look a the kaffeine code, and I think that the problem might actually be a xine one since the only power saving actions I saw there are the ones under the quit options. I started having a look at the xine code but still haven’t figured out anything yet…

Problem solved by updating to the version at the packman repos rather than the ones at the opensuse repos. Also mplayer works fine as well…

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