laptop screen brightness problem?

DELL xps m1530 ,opensuse 11 64 bit.

how can i config the brightness of the screen (time before i login)?

i use gnome-power-manger to manger the screen brightness,it works great.
but i found a problem,every time the laptop start up,the screen is 100% brightness before i login .the setting of screen brightness take effect only after i login the system,it dose works before i login the system !

how can i make the setting take effect even i not login the system ?

Sadly this question remained unanswered. I have the same issue on Toshiba Satellite, and its kinda irritating.

Still I believe there must be a way to fix that, maybe some startup script or some kind of configuration files edit?

Brightness controls work fine on my Tecra M3, do you have the fnfx
package installed and set to run?

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
openSUSE 11.0 x86 Kernel
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GPU GeForce 6600 TE/6200 TE - Driver Version: 177.80

No i dont, but will try.
Failed to find it designed particularly for opensuse, which version do you use?