Laptop Samba PDC user and local user access their own data

Take a physical user FRED.
FRED is a linux user ( known by linux on his laptop )
FRED is a Samba user ( Known by samba on the samba pdc server )
When he logs locally (with username/password) on its standalone laptop (with no network), he is known as FRED:user.
He access his data in /home/FRED/…
When he logs through samba (with username/password) on the domain MY_DOM, he is known as MY_DOM\FRED:MY_DOM\domain user.
He access his data in /home/MY_DOM/FRED/…

  1. Is it possible that the human FRED has only one repository and have full access to its repository regardless of how it was connected. If yes, how to do it

  2. If not, Is it possible that the human FRED has full access to /home/FRED/…. and /home/MY_DOM/FRED/…. regardless of how it was connected.

  1. you need to enable samba with automount : Using automount and samba

  2. i suppose one of them is local and the second one remote: you can the config #1, the user would be declared both locally and remotely (imho with the same uid/gid)

Small additional account:

it’s highly recommended not to use the same username for both local and network authentication, you’ll get confused really fast.


Do you really think that people want to have as many names as the number of different workplaces?

The same human “FRED” can connect locally on his laptop ( without network when he visits his clients ) or through network ( when he is in any company location ).

He was first declare on his laptop before joining the network company domain; and then add on the ldap database using smbldap-useradd script.

Can you give me a little more :