Laptop running real slow with the new suse.

I have dual core processor with 1.5 GB RAM, however after installing the new suse, I have realized that my computer is running real slow. With the computer switching between application even though there are only one browser with three tabs. The computer seems to be switching between the processes, however I haven’t felt my computer seem this slow until now. It gets kinda frustrating sometimes.
Is there anyway I can tune up my computer, do something with the setup. I am kinda new to suse.

See if you have beagle running. I just remove all beagle packages at install, but you can get rid after.
Open Yast - Software Management and search

check them to delete. You have to cancel the warning boxes until you get them all checked to delete. Then proceed.

Or just disable it. Right click and quit, then say do NOT start at boot.
Reboot and it should be gone.

Also, what about your graphics. Tell us about what you have if beagle removal doesn’t help.

and disable/turn off IPv6, see

and, what was that computer running before you loaded 11.1?
you running 32 or 64 bit; kde/gnome/what?

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