Laptop power saving setting and automatic screen locking (KDE)

I don’t know if this is right part of forum to ask this question(s), could also go into “Hardware” i guess, but…anyway. I’m having following issues with power saving management on the laptop:

  • Under “Configure Desktop” -> “Desktop Behavior” -> “Screen Locking” i have setup for screen to be locked automatically after 5 minutes with “require password” option set to 10 seconds.
  • Under “Configure Desktop” -> “Power Management” -> “Energy Saving” i have setup for laptop to:
    • while on AC:
      keyboard bakclight to max
      screen brightness to the max
      screen energy saving - switch off after 10 min.
      rest are defaults
    • while on battery:
      keyboard backlight 50%
      screen brightness 75%
      Dim screen - 5min
      screen energy saving - switch off after 10 min
      suspend session - 15 min
      rest defaults.

When unplugging laptop from AC i see screen dimming not to 75% but to 50% of full brightness. And when plugging back to AC screen going to full brightness again as expected. Keyboard backlight is working as expected - dimming and going to full from battery to AC.
But… that’s about it as for working as expected.
While being on AC screen not switching off after 10 minute of inactivity as per settings, screen is certainly not locking after 5 minutes as per settings.
While on battery - same story - screen not getting locked automatically, laptop is not suspending, screen not switching off.

I’m running up to date tumbleweed (kde) on T470.

any ideas?