Laptop overheat after short period.

I’m using Compaq Presario CQ40-115AU laptop,hardware spec is on my forum signature below.
It overheat weeks ago,but it seems to be solved after remove some ‘akonadi’ stuff in system process,but now it start overheat again,especially the hard disk area,temperature shoot up very high even just 15 minutes…See this screenshot of hardware temp after 15 minutes:

This is my system process:

It’ll auto shut down in that high temperature,so inconvenient.
Anyone got this problem? Any good solution? >:(

Which program is most using in Alt+F2?

U mean in system process? Firefox I think.

Check all System Monitor.

Firefox using 210MB of memory & around 10% of CPU ; Xorg using 45MB of memory & around 10% of CPU.

Give me also the features of graphics card and your repos

# zypper lr -d

Read also this

And this

My board is AMD 780G with ATI HD3200 graphic card integrated. Below is repo:

Do you read this two threads?

I read those thread,but their problem is cpu overheat,mine is hard disk overheat.
I’m in 11.4 KDE x86-64,should I install the yast2 power control?

Try to install it.

Hi fren,I’ve installed yast2 power management,but if I set anything in that program,this pop-up show:

So is it really set to power saving option I selected?

I know you’re blaming the HD, but also note that there are issues with ATI driver. A user in this fora, after setting the ATI card to lower performance/frequency, had a decrease of 10ºC in system temperature - but lost suspend/resume capability.

Besides that, according to a recent Phoronics article, kernel 2.6.37 (used in oS 11.4 IINM) has a regression in power management that lead to about 20% more power consumption than kernel 2.6.34, used in oS 11.3.

I suspect it’s not one single issue, but a combination of them. I haven’t yet seen a hot HD shutting down a system, but hot CPU and/or GPU processor can do it.

Just my 2 cents.