Laptop only locks up when using wireless...

This is a continuation on b43 driver locking up my system? - openSUSE Forums because if b43 is not causing my system to lock up then something else is, here is some info on my laptop (if any more information is needed just ask):

(soon to be latest) PAE SUSE default kernel (working through this problem to install the update may just hook it up to a cat 5)
Broadcom 4311 using the b43-pci-bridge driver (firmware is loaded)
KDE 4.1.x (not sure how this would have anything to it but figured I should mention it)

The system only locks up when I preform tasks or use a program that needed Internet access and I am uses wireless, if I hook my laptop up to an ethernet cable the problem no longer happens. Such programs that I am using is Firefox/Konqueror, Kmail, Kopete, Knode, Konversation, Amarok (when submitting song info to, YaST, zypper. The only program that I am able to get the lock up to happen by itself is YaST/zypper. I have the output of /var/log/messages and /var/log/warn in pastebin from today because it happened several times today, but the only thing I really see there is a PHY-transmittion error from the above linked thread.

pastebin - collaborative debugging tool
pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

I had a same problem with driver locking my system when using wireless. My card is Atheros. Try changing the driver, that helped me. Also, you may try with ndiswrapper.
For my case, only newest snapshot od madwifi worked (but that’s for atheros)

Well I tried ndiswrapper when I first installed openSUSE 11.0 and it didn’t work, the driver said it was installed but my card never worked. So unless this changed switching drivers won’t work for me.