Laptop not resuming from closed lid

Hello everyone,

I have my power settings such that on AC power and battery power when the laptop lid is closed the computer suspends. However, when I open the lid, nothing happens - no login prompt. It stays suspended. I try pressing multiple buttons but nothing happens, and I always have to turn off and restart to login. Any ideas why this is happening?

Definitively this is a BUG - if you are using KDE4. Here is what I did: open the lid. Of course nothing happens, now close and open it again but a bit slower and the lid’ll wake up. :slight_smile:

I’m using GNOME, though. Same bug?

…how did you configure the system to suspend when closing the lid?

i haven’t been able to do that since i installed 11.0…

…also, i’m using kde 4.1.3, and have removed all panels. when i plasmatized the menu icon, and plasmatized the lock/shutoff, the options to “suspend to disk” were removed from my menu lists.

so: 1. how do i configure the system to suspend when closing the lid?
2. how i get the options to “suspend to disk” back in my menu and in my lock/shutoff plasma?

for a possible better explanation of my problem, check out:

thanks ahead to anyone who is able to help me with any of my issues.

Don’t know. Take a look to GNOME Bug Tracking System. Maybe you’ll find a bug report about this or a fix.
Good luck.