laptop microphone problem

i have problems with my sound card which is HDA Intel and codec RealTec ALC 262. Although sound is working, I cannot record my voice with the command

 arecord -d 10 myrecording.wav

. I hear only noise and nothing more.
I have 11.1 version installed.
You can find my output of the script after running Alsa.(version of Alsamixer 1.0.18)
Thank you in advance

I reccomend you make sure that your mic is not muted in the mixer.

from a terminal, enter the command:


then find your microphone and make sure that the volume for your microphone is all the way up, and it is not muted (toggle mute by pressing the “M” key). Also look for the “mic boost” settings in alsamixer, same here…make sure it is turned all the way up and not muted.

give that a whirl and let us know :wink:

you can see my alsamixer configuration below](](
i cannot increase the volume of my headphones and the front mi
,perhaps front mi is my microphone volume.