Laptop Lenovo Ideapad G50 Bing & HP 15-R127 Bing

Hello everyone, I am new member here, but not to Linux. I glad to meet you.

I would like your help about two laptops. I am going to buy this “Lenovo Ideapad G50 Bing” or this “HP 15-R127 Bing”

I would like to know if these laptops(their hardware) are compatible with Linux(mainly Opensuse or other distributions).

Their characteristics are ! link removed !

Thank you a lot!

HP 15-R127 has celeron processor. Better go for Lenovo.

Regarding Linux Compatibility read thread, *(

Why don’t you go for Lenovo G50-45 which has got AMD A8. You will get quad core processor less than the price of core i3*