laptop keyboard ma-lay

Have a Dell inspiron 1150 laptop trying to run opensuse 12.2 gnome , runs OK but while trying to type in a office doc or even a search on Mozilla next to impossible. While typing on Mozilla opens other web browsers, while trying to type in a office doc opens all sorts of menus. like an A can open a new file when try to type the word apple. I’m new to this open software, not sure I’m up to the task.

I too run GNOME minus the problems
Can you check whether ctrl or shift or win key or Alt key is staying pressed/stuck or not working well
left win key ==>opens menu and typing anything there will open new applications
ctrl+n will open a new browser window
Also check out this page Projects/GnomeShell/CheatSheet - GNOME Wiki!

On 01/11/2013 06:06 AM, vazhavandan wrote:
> minus the problems

yep, it sure sounds like a keyboard (hardware) problem…sticky keys or
too much Pepsi underneath…or something…

could be the keyboard controller or driver…but, i doubt it as i’ve
never heard these symptoms connected to any Dell…try attaching a
USB keyboard and see if it won’t give expected behavior (if so then you
know for sure the problems is in the laptops hardware–and, you may need
Dell warranty work.) if not, post again…

well, maybe you installed from a corrupt disk: did you self-test the
install disk by choosing “Check Installation Media” like here if you did not then maybe you installed
some corrupted code which might give you garbage in return…that
old saying “Garbage in, garbage out.”
<,_garbage_out> is still very true!!!

if you have an openSUSE live CD and boot from it, do you see the same
behavior? if not, your operating system is munged somehow. if yes then
it is hardware.


Thanks for the info the usb keyboard worked. I use this laptop in windows xp and don’t experience this condition so I never thought of trying another keyboard, kinda feel dumb…lol

oh and I did check by doing the self-test the
install disk by choosing "Check Installation Media before installing

On 01/12/2013 01:06 AM, dltrail wrote:
> kinda feel dumb

i’ve been doing this a long time.


so any key was depressed or something or was there any pepsi :slight_smile: