Laptop HP Pavilion boot freeze with kernel 2.6.26 n above

There a strange issue on my laptop HP Pavilion dv9610us. Since I update to Opensuse 11.1 its freeze during start up and shutting down. Same occurs with Ubuntu 9.04 and Suse 11, but not with Opensuse 11.1

If I turn acpi off, boot flows normal but I miss power control and battery is drained too fast. If I shortly hit power button or plug/unplug power cord its unfreeze/freeze/unfreeze in different points.

Seems some incompatible/bug with kernels 2.6.26 and above and my hardware. I don’t want to go back to opensuse 11 because other issues about KDE 4!

Someone could help me about this?

Thanx in advance.

Heitor Costa