Laptop heat!!!

Hi there this is my first post and im pretty new to linux in general but totally convince that it is the best OS to be running. I have just seen by click on the my computer icon my cpu is running anywhere between 50 and 62 degrees when its been running a while is this about right and is there any software that can check cpu fans etc … any help greatly appreciated


You can use ksysguard, if you don’t want anything fancy.
File > New Worksheet > Rows 1 Columns 2
Sensor browser > ACPI > Thermal Zone > THRM > Temperature > Drag and drop > Signal plotter
or depending on hardware
Sensor browser > Hardware Sensors > k8temp-pci-003c > Temperature > Drag and drop > Signal plotter
For fan depending on hardware
Sensor browser > ACPI > Fan > FN00 > State > Drag and drop >Signal plotter

As for the safe temperature limit you have to consult processor manufacturers thermal data sheet, found on their web site. Google for example “amd sempron thermal data sheet”.

In my laptop processor runs typically at ~60 C, but for heavy load temperature is ~90 C. Above that it cannot be forced to run at maximum frequency, but cpu slows to about 1/2 speed.

Thanks very much for all the help, not an issue anymore