Laptop for approximately 700£


Since it is my first thread on this forum, I would like to greet everyone :wink:

Currently, I’m looking for a new laptop and I don’t really know, which one should I buy.
As I stated in thread title, 700£ is all I can sacrifice for purchasing that device.
I hope that with a such amount of money I’m capable of meeting my requirements, which are:

  • effortless work with openSUSE [the most important issue],
  • intel i-series processor, 4GB RAM memory, nVidia card, [generally, it must have really efficient hardware],
  • bulit-in camera, BT, Wi-Fi, SD card reader,
  • nice design(optionally, I can deal with ugly-looking one as long as it meets other requirements),
  • mobility[it’s not of the highest importance] (That laptop can’t be too heavy or too big, 15,4 screen or even 14 should be more than enough),
  • comfortable keyboard,

Thank you in advance for all your advices,

Best Regards,

For moderators, just to let you know: I have checked FAQ, This thread and I haven’t found anything useful for myself, that’s why I decided to create this thread. If you think that you should remove it, let me know first, please.