laptop extra keyboard keys (hotkeys ?)

hello there, i have an acer laptop (9814 Wkmi) which keyboard includes some (useful) multimedia keys, especially those to control audio/video software. these special keys don’t work at all on opensuse, while they used to work fine in kubuntu.

i explored several tracks, but so far i couldn’t find an easy way to get them working.

even though kmilo is available in the repos, it looks like it’s useless on opensuse (and i couldn’t find a way to configure it).

i couldn’t create new “keyboard shortcuts” in KDE, it looks like my extra keys are not detected by KDE (obviously they were in kubuntu).

my extra keys are indeed detected by xev - and i know xev data can be used in xmodmap, but i don’t have any clue when it comes to increase/decrease volume, play/stop, etc.

any guidance is welcome.

archlinux wiki provides valuable info: ArchWiki :: Extra Keyboard Keys - ArchWiki
yet all i achieved was working volume control buttons. i can’t find a solution for other extra keys (play/pause, stop, next, previous, etc.)…