Laptop + Dual monitors + Nvidia + HDMI = total darkness


I’m going hairless trying to fix this problem, so hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction.


Connecting external monitor to laptop by HDMI blanks both displays.

Connecting with VGA works flawlessly.

Set up:

Lenovo W510
OPenSUSE 13.1
NVidia Quadro FX880 Get superb performance and value from your 15.6” mobile workstation with the NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 880M professional graphics solution.
Monitor: LG 23"

Full details;

New build OS on laptop was working fine with dual monitor & VGA. I bought a Displayport > HDMI converter for better graphics and this worked straight away for a few hours, until laptop went in to suspend. From then on connecting the HDMI cable blanks both displays.

It seems as though connecting the HDMI is changing both displays to invalid resolutions/refresh rates, or even setting the resolution to NULL.

I got it to work using Xinerama but the quality was hopeless.

When first powered up with HDMI connected both displays work until I login, then then both go black.

I’ve read heaps about Twinview, but that does not show in the Nvidia settings GUI, and manually adding it to xorg.conf does not help (also the VGA works without Twinview being shows - Twinview deprecated maybe?)

Any ideas where I can look next? Nvidea readme is hopeless and just says to use Twinview which is not available .

Do you have an extra HDMI cable? If yes try replacing the one that is connected.

Well this is actually a second cable - a known good from my Xbox…

…but the DP>HDMI adapter is brand new, and I have only one.

Although that has been tested with an identical laptop running W7pro and it works straight away. Not to say it’s couldn’t be the adapter, but that and the fact it works before login (before drivers load?) makes me think not.

Well I just switched out the monitor (tried a Panasonic TV) and it worked straight away with vanilla settings.

Maybe my screen doesn’t like HDMI & SUSE - it’s been fine with DVI & Mint.