Laptop does not boot with 12.2

My laptop boots and gets stuck here… see screenshot…

All I did was to install > do an online update from Yast > run atiupgrade (have an Radeon HD 76xx card) > reboot.

Wait a bit more. Systemd default timeout is 3 minutes (if I am not mistaken) so it most likely waits for some startup task that does not finish. If it finally boots, check with “systemctl --failed” for a list of failed tasks.

Nothing really happened even after waiting for 10 minutes…

Do you see anything if you press RETURN? Try also Alt-F1 and RETURN - do you get login prompt?

Try if the Failsafe mode works. In GRUB select the Advanced… option, then pick the 12.2 Failsafe option. That would allow you to review /var/log/messages to find out what goes wrong.

Tired to login using ‘advanced options for opensuse’. I had two entries in that… one didn’t boot. the other one which said recover mode, booted. /var/log messages showed all OK.

Looks like after putting in all my efforts in getting opensuse 12.2 work on my hardware from the day it got launched, I have no other option but to try some other distro… I’m very disappointed, I haven’t used any distro since I started using opensuse a couple of years back.