Laptop - Decided but will Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-C-11M work with Leap?

Hi Guys

I have decided to on laptop…
It’s the Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-C-11M.
I have been trying to find out it’s year of manufacture and from what I can gather it came out in Nov 2015.
There have been variants on it as far back as 2014.
The question remains, wth it being so new, will Leap recognise it’s hardware and work on it.
The specs are at
I hope you can help me decide!
Thanks in advance!

Possibly the wireless card will be the issue “Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 726” because it’s 802.11ac, a/b/g/n and maybe the bluetooth…

See this users issues: while not the same card, same technology so may need to look at pulling a newer kernel from the kernel:stable repo. Aside from that all looks ok, if you can test it with a live usb device that would be good?

An SSD and an extra 4GB of RAM would make a difference for sure.

Thanks for the reply Malcolm

I went to the intel site
It states it does work under Kernel 4.2 and there is a driver (tgz) file. Failing that I do have an Alfa Atheros external that worked under
13.2. I am a bit of a novice when it comes to compiling Kernels!!

I can spin up a kmp (kernel module package) if required, so looks like your best bet after the install is to use ethernet to update and add the kernel:stable repo and upgrade the kernel (at least it will get updates…), then can sort out any firmware issues.

If you can give it a test run, then pop a tumbleweed live rescue onto a USB device to take with you…

Cheers Malcolm, you’re a star…
I will be installing by ethernet, and will take your advise.
Off topic Malcolm, and don’t forget I am making a return to opensuse… Why do you prefer Gnome?
I was never a KDE fan, but Gnome was a bit of let down with the file manager, as opposed to Dolphin.
Sorry to ask, but just shootin’ the breeze???
All the best - Steve

Been using it for so long now… I find Nautilus fine to connect to various technologies here, sftp (all my systems use ssh), afp (netatalk server), smb (airport extreme usb attached device) etc. You can add templates (~/Templates) for files, scripts to perform actions (eg root user tasks). I find GNOME DE fine for all my needs and workflow.

Hi Malcom

Just though I’d let you know, got the laptop and installed Leap. Wireless works flawlessly. Must of installed all divers on install.
Thanks for your help!