Laptop crash

Just installed OpenSUSE 11.3 to a pal’s laptop. It will not boot unless the lan ethernet connection to the internet is present & working!! As he needs the laptop to be portable & functionable this is not much use to him! Is it likely that reinstalling without the internet connection being present, might fix this fault? Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thank You

One rather speculative possibility is he just needs to wait a long time for a time out (or press <ENTER> where it hangs). A possible speculative reason associated with that speculative possibility is it (the laptop) needs something off of the internet, such as syncing to a Time Server. I find for laptops it is best NOT to use an Internet time and hence in YaST do not tell a laptop to sync to an Internet time server. … But note that is speculation on my part.

Thanks for your reply oldcpu.
Next time I get my hands on his laptop I will try your suggestions.
The reason I installed linux was because he was experiencing instability with the Ms vista OS that came with the laptop, so the problem could be hardware related. (RAM & HDD have been checked and passed OK).