Laptop BuildIn keyboard is not working with kernel-default-5.8.0-1.1

Dear Team,
after my update to kernel-default-5.8.0-1.1, the build-in laptop keyboard stop working, touch-pad is working well
Connected USB Keyboard is recognized and is working fine too.

If I boot the system with kernel-default-5.7.11-1.2 all works fine.

Any ideas, what could cause the issue?
Let me know which information do you need to debug on this problem.

Thanks in advance,

I suggest you report this as a bug.

In the meantime, continue to boot the last 5.7 kernel that you have.

Another suggestion: Edit (as root) the file “/etc/zypp/zypp.conf”.

Look for the line

multiversion.kernels = latest,latest-1,running

and change it to

multiversion.kernels = oldest,latest,latest-1,running

That is to say, insert “oldest,”. That tells the system to not delete the oldest kernel that you have. That way, your working kernel won’t disappear at the next kernel update.

I had the same problem, in a Leap 15.2 update.
In my case, I edited the /etc/x11/xorg.conf.d folder, made a backup, and then removed everything I had in it, except the file for the touchpad.
Here on my system, after I restarted the machine, everything worked again … And it’s working so far …

thanks for your suggestion.

Bug reported and modified my zypper config file to don’t lose my working 5.7 kernel :wink:

I had only the keyboard config file inside the “/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d” directory. Removed it , rebooted with 5.8 kernel and faced a non working keyboard again.