Laptop backlight problem.

Hi, I’m new to Opensuse, and have just installed 11.1 (KDE 4).
Unfortunately while booting the live cd, the backlight on my laptop goes off part way through. I’d hoped the problem might be solved after installation, but it wasn’t. I’ve found that I can only get the backlight to come back on if I boot into a different distro (Mandriva worked, but Linux Mint didn’t), even turning the laptop off doesn’t help. I’d like to persevere with Opensuse, this is my first time with KDE 4, and other than this I’m liking it.
It was the positive reviews of Opensuse’s implementation of KDE 4, that persuaded me to try it.
I’ve uploaded my hardware specifications to the Smolt database, I hope this might help someone find a solution.
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N.B. I’ve only been using Linux for a few months, so am by no means an expert, more an enthusiastic amateur.